STAR Course - Boeing 737 300-900

B 737 600-900  Course Summary - Prior Boeing Experience Flight Crew short course 

( requirements – 500 hours on equivalent glass cockpit Boeing type)

The IAGO B737 600-900 type conversion comprises the following:

Technical Ground Course

Classroom sessions cover:

B737 Aircraft systems

FMC Training

Mass & Balance*


EASA exams

* Can be tailored to airline partner requirements to reduce post conversion OCC footprint

Duration: 12 days including 12 hrs FTD Days 2-12

Simulator Training

Fixed base Training Device (FTD): 12 hrs

Full Flight Simulator (FFS): 24 hrs

Licence Skills Test

Full Flight Simulator (FFS): 5 hrs

Optional Elements

Low visibility training - LVO Initial qualification training 4hrs FFS

Zero Flight Time Simulator training, 4hrs FFS, is available in conjunction with an approved operator

Combined LST/OPC aligned to operator Recurrent Training cycle at operator request

Pre Base Training FFS

Cadet Pilots - Enhanced Airline Relevant Training can be  embedded in the type conversion adding 2x  3  hrs FFS and 2 x Groundschool Days