​Why Choose IAGO?

Why Choose IAGO?

IAGO has been designed from the ground up to offer the finest quality training that is adapted precisely to fit the needs of each client. 

By building in this flexibility right from the start, we have developed an enviable record of developing high quality examiners, trainers and pilots - individuals recognised in leading change in the industry. Created and run by pilots, we're the smarter choice.

Innovation and collaboration for success

  • Selection on Merit

    As pilots, examiners and instructors, we know what good looks like. Our selection processes focus on identifying the key qualities needed for success.

  • Compliance and Competence

    We train well beyond compliance, focusing on core competency development and training to proficiency earlier in the process. Our training is focused on delivering individuals with a strong ethos to continuously learn, develop and succeed.

  • Simply Better Outcomes

    By identifying and attracting the very best candidates, we offer  better outcomes for our clients. Our graduate pilots are developed to competence with resilience engrained; demonstrate stronger role engagement allied with intrinsic customer orientation. 

  • Traditional Values, Fresh Ideas

    Our core values of safety, quality, value and compliance are enhanced with imaginative approaches to delivering the very best for our clients. Collaborative working initiatives outperform traditional outsourcing models.

  • Training Out Risk

    Advanced training methodologies and programs to reduce risk. Operationally aligned, safety focused airline programs delivering improved flight crew performance and essential foundations of resilience.

  • Innovative Recruitment

    Proven capability, excellent industry reputation with strong internal knowledge and experience combine to ensure we have key advantages in recruiting the very best pilots for our partner airlines.

  • Depth and Diversity

    By breaking down traditional barriers to entry, we help discover the very best pilots of the future. Our selection processes focus on identifying the key qualities needed for success over the ability to pay.

  • Supporting Growth

    Our range of services allow our airline clients to meet 'ebb and flow' in a cost -effective manner whilst maintaining or enhancing quality.

  • I couldn't recommend the course highly enough

    Everything during the type rating had been arranged by IAGO and were well supported by fantastic instructors throughout the course. Feedback was a two-way process throughout which helped get the most out of the training.

    The best part of the training experience with IAGO was meeting my fellow trainees. Going through the course together and supporting each other through each stage was a fantastic way of making great friendships. I couldn't recommend the course highly enough and was a great way to get into the aviation industry with a fantastic operator.

    Steve, First Officer A 321, IAGO scheme