Since 2000, IAGO have delivered the highest quality flight training to airlines and individuals. We act as a trusted partner, supporting growth with our innovative resourcing and exceptional training methodologies.

Exceptional Flight Training

My experience was overwhelmingly positive and I am very grateful for this kind of recruitment.

The IAGO Cadet Flightpath Programme valued my ability to fly over my ability to pay for training. 

By allowing applications from a diverse range of background and training pathways I considered this to be a shining beacon of positive Airline training and recruitment amongst a market which required upfront personal funding of type-rating or even pay-to-fly. The application and recruitment process was sensible and the qualities and skills that were being sought were clear. The type-rating training was very professional and used great instructors but I especially valued the Airline  making contact early in the process which was reassuring that this was leading to employment. 

Base training was immensely fun and line training has also been enjoyable; especially the routes to Greek Islands which offer fantastic views out of the 'office window'.

Richard - First Officer, IAGO scheme